Daily tricks for the most problematic areas, which have the tendency to get old earlier


“Self Lifting” is a combination of exercises and different tricks for facial rejuvenation and face youth maintenance. The author of this method is Joanna Hakimova, Doctor in Biology, one of the most famous facialists in the world. She is the founder of Natural Biolifting, a bioaesthetic center in Milan, specialized in unique rejuvenating treatments for face and body without injections and plastic surgery, and franchisor for other beauty centers in the world (www.naturalbiolifting.com). Other information and advices can be found in her books (available in Italian): Self-Lifting, come cancellare le rughe da soli (bestseller 2012) and 300 e più rimedi naturali per ringiovanire viso e corpo.

Joanna Hakimova’s method received overall positive feedbacks based on experience from clients of Natural Biolifting centers: in particular, the “face Biolifting” method – one of the most famous procedures – proved to be a good alternative to face surgery in many cases.


There is no doubt that physical exercise is necessary in order to maintain a good muscle tone. This can be applied to face as well. The proposed system can re-establish the look you have lost with years. First results can appear after just two weeks. In executing the exercises, it is important to have patience, perseverance and to have learned the right movements.

How to start ?

1. Take a photo of your face, while not smiling. Ask someone to make a closer picture of the target area, for example the cleavage, neck, eye contour and forehead. This will be your starting point, with which you will compare the final results, after having worked out. It is better to take a new picture every two months. It is important to have a picture of the condition you are starting from, because you get easily accustomed to a better look, forgetting the initial condition. The obtained results will amaze you and stimulate you to continue the chosen therapy.


2. During the first period, try and practice in front of a mirror, so as to avoid mistakes.


3. During exercise focus on how the involved muscle works and try to imagine it toned up, strong and lifted up. Adding a visualizing process will help you reach your aim faster.


4. Do not be afraid of possible burning sensations, of pain or tiredness. This just means that lactic acid is being produced by your body, in response to an effective physical effort.


5. Do not start by doing all the exercises, just chose some of them and take your time to get to the complete workout program.


6. Your system of work can be organized as you prefer. Every single exercise acts on a certain face zone, so it is not necessary to perform the whole set of exercises in just one round. Some exercises can be done in the morning, some in the evening. When you get used to the method you will use your spare moments of the day for the benefit of your look. You can do some exercises in the morning when you wake up, while still in the bed, or when you drive, or cook. As a rule, it takes 21 days for this routine to become a habit.

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